Born in the Wild Horse Desert
Fueled by the Goliad Sands Aquifer
Inspired by Freedom

About Us

and our "ingredients to glass" process

Our Master Distiller has experimented with hundreds of recipes and various techniques to develop our spirits products, all the while keeping a keen eye towards our mission of fermentation-to-bottling production and locally sourced ingredients.

The distillery

Premium quality spirits
from 100% locally sourced ingredients

The southern area of the Wild Horse Desert, the Rio Grande Valley, grows and processes more than 1.5 million tons of sugar cane annually. We use the very best of it to make our rum smooth and tasty, using only Texas ingredients. This makes it a truly Texas Rum.

The Wild Horse Desert is rich with agriculture production allowing us to source most all of our ingredients within a 100 mile radius of our Distillery. In all cases, all of our ingredients are Texas grown. We make sure to only collect the purest part of the run, the heart, which means a little less product for us, but the best quality in your glasses.

The Goliad Sands Aquifer is a mineral-rich water source. While this aquifer has been the lifeblood of the farm and ranch industry in our region, it also contains a unique mineral profile that offers distinct flavor characteristics to our products. We only use this water source to distill every batch of Wild Horse Distillery Rum.


Take a tour of our distillery and hear the story behind our brand, understand what makes our rums taste so good. Go home with a special blend of our rums, only available at our Distillery. Call or email today to book your tour.

Take part in our of our numerous tasting events. We love to show our rums off, and we do that as often as possible. Check the dates and locations and make sure to be there, it's a great experience.

you can find us in 69 locations state-wide

and constantly expanding our distribution

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