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Become part of a Texas Rum History

Located in the birthplace of American Cowboys and Ranching is a chance to embark on our journey here at Wild Horse Distillery. Experience the distillery from the ground up. Wild Horse Rum is more than just a rum, its a taste of Texas. From the sugarcane cultivated by the land to the American White Oak Barrels, our rum is a true testament to the heart of Texas' unique natural resources. Learn why our rum is smoother than silk, or how we get the darker rum to interest you whiskey drinkers. Wild Horse Distillery is where rum history is born.

Come alone, or with your loved ones, make it a family day, We'll guide you through our history, the process that makes our rums the finest spirits Texas has to offer and in the end, you get to taste all of them as much as you like. Well, as long as you're not driving home.