Rifles Only

Rifles Only was started as a grassroots effort and has become one of the premier firearms training facilities for military, police and government agency snipers over the last two decades. This business was built from the ground up which afforded the founders deep connections within this community—serving all branches of the US military, a multitude of international governments agencies of our foremost US allies and million+ shooting enthusiasts. It was through these deep relationships that the seed for Wild Horse Distillery was planted, cultivated and has now come to fruition. Clients of Rifles Only come from every corner of the world and are often members of the nation’s most elite and lethal combat forces. Training sessions are often multiple days or weeks. During an extended training session 10 years ago, an Australian special forces soldier showed us how he distilled his own spirits in the mountains of Afghanistan. It was from here that our initial interest was peaked and led us to take steps to refine our processes, localize our ingredients and create what is now Wild Horse Distillery.
Firearms have always been part of Texas history. We have people who are very independent-minded, people who are self-sufficient and people who needed arms in their daily lives.

Jacob Bynum